Custom Fluid Power offers numerous products to assist you    with all of your pneumatic and hydraulic needs: Fittings,     Tubing, Liquid and Dry Gauges, Orifices, Controllers and    Tubing Harnesses. Whatever you are after, we can find it for   you.


Give us a call and we can help you locate anything that you     are trying to find.




adsens ..

Exhaust  Mufflers, Speed Controls, Breather Vents

 midland metal .. Clamps & Accessories for     Hose Pipe and Tube

Fittings, Valves, Flow Controls

noshok Pressure Gauges, Transducers, Transmitters, & Load Cells

 cato western


Liquid & Dry Filled Gauges 



Precision Orifices, Fluid Control Products



Air Tools, Air Line Controls, Accessories                                     



Miniature Pneumatic Components



Composite Pipe, Fittings, Plumbing Systems for       Compressed Air & Inert Gases



..................................... Tubing, Hose, Accessories, Manifolds



Gauges, Accessories



Control Grips, Industrial & Micro Joysticks, Electric Driver Boards

 freelin wade


Clear Plastic Tubing, Coiled Hose, Polyethylene, Vinyl, Polyurethane & Nylon



Tubing, Flow Controls, Accessories



AirCusion Plates, Compessed Air Reservoirs, Silencers, Air Guns, Displays



Multi-Line Pneumatic Connectors



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