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Custom Fluid Power offers unique Centralized Lubrication Systems that efficiently reduce the amount of oil used in lubrication applications.  Lubrication Systems are designed to prevent repair work and production breaks caused by machinery failure.

Precision lubrication frees lubricants from a central source to the point on a machine at which friction occurs.  Centralized Lubrication Systems reduce bearing failures and save repair and replacement costs.

Graco designs and manufactures thousands of fluid handling products and solutions for the industries they pursue around the world.

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It is undisputed in our industry that a pneumatic product that receives a small amount of lubricant, CONSISTENLY, will perform better-last longer-and cost less to maintain.

The basic Scorpion system will satisfy the requirements of most coolant applications.  These systems can be ordered with many options that will suit your needs.

 73 Automation Pacs

SERV-OIL is the most advanced system for the precision lubrication of pneumatic equipment. It has been used for over thirty years to provide lubrication to all kinds of pneumatic equipment and various fixtures, bearings, slides and ways. It overcomes the control problems that can be encountered with conventional mist lubricators. It also ensures proper lubrication of pneumatic components in complex circuits, and accurately delivers lubricant to points at a long distance from lubricator.

Positive displacement oil injectors called Servo-Meters are the heart of Serv-Oil equipment. They put pre-determined, precise amounts of oil right at the points where lubrication is needed. by comparison, mist lubricators lack the precision and control of a Serv-Oil system.

Extensive tests have shown that when a conventional mist lubricator is installed upstream of a control valve, much of the oil dispensed by the lubricator is exhausted to atmosphere through the exhaust port of the control valve. This is inefficient and also contributes significantly to pollution of plant air.

With Serv-Oil equipment the amount of oil used is greatly reduced and lubrication is more effective because of the accuracy with which the oil is delivered.

Briefly: Serv-Oil lubricates the component, not the area!

Maximum performance. Extended life. Reduced maintenance. Less downtime.  Improved torque control.  These are all results of precise, consistent lubrication.